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My 68th Golden Globe Awards Predictions [Part 1]

The 68th Golden Globe Awards will be handed out January 16 on CBS (and January 17, Philippine time and will be aired via Star World) and I'll share my predictions (because I love doing this kind of things :D ) I'll share with the TV field. I'll share my Film predictions tomorrow :)

Best TV Series - Drama
"Boardwalk Empire"
"The Good Wife"
"Mad Men"
"The Walking Dead"

Winner: "Boardwalk Empire"
Close Second: "Mad Men"
Possible Upset: "The Walking Dead"

"Boardwalk Empire" is the new critically lauded epic drama series on HBO, it's definitely the frontrunner. But never count out three-time winner "Mad Men" to go 4/4 or the voters might like the hot buzz "The Walking Dead" has to reward it.

Best TV Series - Comedy
"30 Rock"
"The Big Bang Theory"
"The Big C"
"Modern Family"
"Nurse Jackie"

Winner: "Glee"
Close Second: "Modern Family"
Possible Upset: "The Big Bang Theory"

Close fight between these two still-hot sophomore shows but I still give the edge to "Glee" because of its status as the hottest and most talked about TV show not only in the US but overseas as well

Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama
Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalk Empire"
Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad"
Michael C. Hall, "Dexter"
Jon Hamm, "Mad Men"
Hugh Laurie, "House"

Winner: Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalk Empire"
Close Second: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad"
Possible Upset: Jon Hamm, "Mad Men"

Buscemi is a movie actor that is the star of the Best Drama TV Series frontrunner which gives it the edge. Three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston got his first Golden Globe nomination this year the Golden Globes might make up for the past snubs.

Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama
Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife"
Elisabeth Moss, "Mad Men"
Piper Perabo, "Covert Affairs"
Katey Sagal, "Sons of Anarchy"
Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer"

Winner: Elisabeth Moss, "Mad Men"
Close Second: Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife""
Possible Upset: Katey Sagal, "Sons of Anarchy"

Moss performance was well reviewed this season and the Globes might want to be the first one to honor her performance. A second straight win for Marguerite is highly possible though.

Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy
Toni Collette, "The United States of Tara"
Edie Falco, "Nurse Jackie"
Tina Fey, "30 Rock"
Laura Linney, "The Big C"
Lea Michele, "Glee"

Winner: Laura Linney, "The Big C"
Close Second: Edie Falco, "Nurse Jackie"
Possible Upset: Toni Collette, "The United States of Tara"

Just like Buscemi, I give Linney the edged because she's a well respected film actress on a well-praised TV performance.

Best Actor in a TV Series - Comedy
Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"
Steve Carell, "The Office"
Thomas Jane, "Hung"
Matthew Morrison, "Glee"
Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory"

Winner: Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory"
Close Second: Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"
Possible Upset: Steve Carell, "The Office"

Baldwin won three times already and the Globes might follow the Emmys and reward Parsons for his groundbreaking role. With Steve Carell leaving The Office this year a win from him might make a good TV moment so I place him as a darkhorse
Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV
"The Pacific"
"Pillars of the Earth"
"Temple Grandin"
"You Don't Know Jack"

Winner: "The Pacific"
Possible Upset: "Carlos"

I can't see "The Pacific" losing this one seriously. But "Carlos" is also well reviewed though and if they win this will be a big noise.

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for TV
Hayley Atwell, "Pillars of the Earth"
Claire Danes, "Temple Grandin"
Judi Dench, "Return to Cranford"
Romola Garai, "Emma"
Jennifer Love Hewitt, "The Client List"

Winner: Claire Danes, "Temple Grandin"
Possible Upset: Judi Dench, "Return to Cranford"

Claire Danes is a lock for the win.

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for TV
Idris Elba, "Luther"
Ian McShane, "Pillars of the Earth"
Al Pacino, "You Don't Know Jack"
Dennis Quaid, "The Special Relationship"
Edgar Ramirez, "Carlos"

Winner: Al Pacino, "You Don't Know Jack"
Possible Upset: Edgar Ramirez, "Carlos"

Same with Danes if Pacino lose it would be a shocker

Best Supporting Actor - Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV
Scott Caan, "Hawaii Five-0"
Chris Colfer, "Glee"
Chris Noth, "The Good Wife"
Eric Stonestreet, "Modern Family"
David Strathairn, "Temple Grandin"

Winner: David Strathairn, "Temple Grandin"
Close Second: Eric Stonestreet, "Modern Family"
Possible Upset: Chris Colfer, "Glee" "

Tough category to predict because it combined all genres into one so I'll just give the edge to Strathairn because his material might be considered the toughest one among the nominees. Would love to see Stonestreet take this one though

Best Supporting Actress - Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV
Hope Davis, "The Special Relationship"
Jane Lynch, "Gee"
Kelly MacDonald, "Boardwalk Empire"
Julia Stiles, "Dexter"
Sofia Vergara, "Modern Family"
Winner: Jane Lynch, "Glee"
Close Second: Kelly MacDonald, "Boardwalk Empire
Possible Upset: Julia Stiles, "Dexter"

Lynch was the one expected to win last year so the Globes might make up with her this year.

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