Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Midweek Musings 11

* A meeting was called by one of the big bosses in the company I work with yesterday and it was big one. Our boss was not pleased with an output of a certain project. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. I was not involved with the project though and the person from our department who was involved actually resigned. The meeting was a good wake up call. Anyway, earlier today an officemate told me that there are rumors that our department will be dissolved and that we have to find new jobs soon. I think it's nothing but just a warning so that our department's performance will improve in light with the recent disappointing project. With so many projects on deck, I don't think the company will really fire the entire department. But I wouldn't deny that somehow it did bother me. What if it's true? Will I really lose my job? I thought of what should I do next. What will happen to me? It's hard to find a job these days. I don't want to go back to scratch again. I know our bosses here are reasonable people so I really don't think it will happen but the thought that I could lose this job did gave me the scares. I'm trying not to be a worrywart anymore but I just can't help it.

* My nephew is now experiencing the 'terrible twos' phase. Since his nanny a couple of months ago I've been helping my sister and my parents take care of my nephew during the weekends. It's been exhausting actually but I'm not complaining because I really adore my nephew. He knows a lot of words already and I like playing with him although sometimes I couldn't keep up with his energy. I teach him the alphabet and counting 1 to 10 and he's learning quite fast. Thank God my nephew is not a sickly kid like me when I was that age. Everytime he gets cough or in not on his usual energetic self, I worry at once. Seeing my nephew grow gave me a new perspective in life and I know fully understand why my parents were so protective of me. I wish by the time I have my own kids too I'll be a good parent :)

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