Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Midweek Musings 10

* A brand new year! 2010 was a very memorable year for me. Tatay retired after 30 years of service as company driver for Dole Pineapples. My sister went on full time with our family business. My brother's engaged. Job regularization. Job expanded from being a dubbing writer to becoming a production assistant during infomercial shoot and events such as the Ogie Alcasid / Ryan Cayabyab Concert, Canon events and "Sigwa" Gala Night at the 2010 Cinemalaya. Became a moderator at My savings reached a certain amount that I've been dreaming of :). Thank you 2010 for all the challenges and memories. I'm so ready for 2011!

* Thank you to all who visited my Yearend Chart Recaps, the page views were overwhelming! By the way, I updated the 99.5 RT Yearend Countdown with the #97 song which I missed now there plus the 99.5 song, yes not exactly 100 but 99.5 haha which they didn't actually air on the show proper but was posted on the RT 30 Countdown website.

* Bruno Mars will have a concert here in the Philippines and not just in Manila but in Cebu city too! I hope I can watch his concert soon. Bruno Mars is my breakthrough artist of the past year. I love his debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans! Just love this guy's voice and he writes good, catchy songs too!

*How I Met Your Mother's latest episode "Bad News" is for me a landmark episode. It seemed like an ordinary episode where the characters are doing funny stuff at first but wow the last few scenes was just heart wrenching! [SPOILER ALERT] I like the plot development because it's realistic that in a group of friends in their 30s it's usual that a least one friend will lose a parent (or sadly two). Kudos to Jason Segel, I was moved when Marshall uttered "I'm not ready for this" and broke down when Lily told her the bad news , it's so natural and given the character's relationship with his parents you can really see the pain and disbelief. Just as we thought na yung journey nila Marshall and Lily this season was about having a child then this happened, I really commend the producers/writers for making such a bold move. I'm looking forward how the show will handle such a sad development and be as funny as it used to be. Nevertheless, "How I Met Your Mother" just proved that this is no ordinary sitcom, as it is willing to take risks with its stories and characters. The producer can rest easy if they want to with the current formula of the gang fooling around and the teasing of Ted's "mother" but they were willing to take the characters on the direction that sitcoms don't usually dwell.

(by the way I didn't notice the "countdown" on this week's episode until I read it online and boy I'm impressed. Anyway, here's how the "countdown" to the bad news played out. (see it here)

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