Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spotlight: ABC's "Better With You"

ABC's new sitcom "Better With You" started out okay, it's not that bad but the reviews were basically saying that the sitcom is not the worst thing out there but it's an old-fashioned show, something that could have come out in the 90s. And part of the show's "old fashioned" style is that it has an opening theme which I totally like because very few US TV shows these days have theme songs and I don't know about other people but for me a good theme song helps establish a show's identity. The show's theme song is also titled "Better With You" and it is sung by indie artist Ben Kweller. You could check out the full song below and what's great is that you can actually it download the song for FREE and better yet it's a LEGAL download because it's from ABC's official website [it's available even from peopleoutside the US, just great]! Just visit Ben Kweller's page on ABC's website here and scroll down below and you'll see the DOWNLOAD NOW icon and click away!

As for the show itself, I like the pilot although I wasn't as drawn to it like when I saw the pilots of Modern Family, The Middle, and Cougar Town. I found the first couple of episodes amusing but not totally funny or compelling but the cast were so good that it still made me watch the show. But the latest episode, the Thanksgiving one, was so good on all aspects, writing, acting, comedy timing, everything clicked and I'm now totally on board for this show! The ratings are just mediocre but we still got a full season and hopefully a second season is possible. Let's wait and see.

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