Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midweek Musings 8

* Very hectic work load these days for me. Aside from writing dubbing scripts, I was also assigned to write copy for an upcoming hotel's website and AVP. It was really difficult I must say since I'm not confident if I could write a good copy for selling the hotel but anyway I was still to produce outputs and waiting for the approval of the client. I hope it will be approved with only minimal revisions (if would be great if none!). The hotel is actually located in Baguio and we might go there next month to shoot materials for the AVP. If things pushes through, this will be my second time to visit the City of Pines, first was back in 2005 when I was one of the chosen from Heraldo Filipino to attend OSSEI Campus Journalism seminar-workshop. I really enjoyed my trip so hopefully everything pushes through :)

*Tonight's winning numbers for the Grand Lotto 6/55: 4-41-40-55-42-45. And with a grand prize of 633.9 Million, this was really a most watched raffle but alas NO ONE WON AGAIN! Well, I'll bet a make next time haha. Seriously, I hope a lot of people will win the grand prize next prize because if one will only win, I will be afraid for his or her safety, that's a lot of money and this is a highly watched Lotto season. Anyway, I hope the eventual winner/s deserve/s it and will make the money to good use. If I will be to place a bet, I'll he happy if get four numbers only with a prize 2,000 pesos seriously haha :D

* 31 Days to go before Christmas! Wow, it's almost near! I hope we can get our Christmas Bonus already haha. Anyway, I hope the weather will be a cooler soon, that's what I love about the holiday season and it's been really humid lately although there are rains at times. Times are really hard, few houses have Christmas decorations much less Christmas light these days.

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