Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Women of Courage

from CNN

Surreal. That is how I describe what I felt as former President Corazon Aquino was laid to rest today. It was the longest and most memorable memorial service I've ever witnessed in my life. Only a person like Cory could inspire people to go out to the streets again, this time not because of anger, but to pay respect to this honorable woman who left a long lasting legacy for the Filipino people.
We mourn for her death but we celebrated the life she lived. Thank you Cory. Thank you.


And also Bill Clinton successfully negotiated to give pardon to journalists Euna Lee and and Laura Ling who were both detained in North Korea because of "illegal entry". When I found out about the news I was horrified because there was a possibility that these two women would be punished in a labor camp. It was a journalist' s nightmare. I was really moved the moment the women step out of the airplane and saw their families. I'm so glad they are safe now.

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