Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Paying Respect

Picture courtesy of The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Yesterday, I was part of this crowd who witnessed the procession of the casket of former President Cory Aquino at Ayala Avenue in Makati City. I ate my lunch late for this but it was worth it. The feeling was surreal. While the people were waiting they were excited. They were giggling & laughing. I felt awkward because I think it was inappropriate. But when the convoy passed, first there was silence then cheering and clapping. Then the confetti flew in the sky, it was breathtaking. The feeling was overwhelming, I send out a silent prayer for Tita Cory. It felt good that in my own way I paid my respect to his honorable lady. I will say this again, her presidency was not perfect but no one can deny that Tita Cory is a GREAT FILIPINO and as Conrado de Quiros, a Cory critic, said on his eulogy for her today, she is a nice person. She deserves this love she is receiving right now. Thank you Tita Cory. Thank you...
I hope this will not be the last that we will witness someone to be honored like this. I really hope so.

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