Sunday, August 23, 2009

In a nutshell

Last week (August 16) we celebrated the first birthday of my nephew John Kenneth Rodrigo! Time flies, it was a treat to see my nephew grow. He is such an adorable baby. And I'm glad he is not sickly baby like me before haha. He could now stand on his own and walk a bit. I can't wait the day when he starts talking :)

About work, we finished working on El Cartel two weeks ago and we haven't been assigned to a new soap opera yet. But we did work on translating and writing dubbing scripts in Filipino. The first one was the movie HOTEL RWANDA for Viva's PBO cable channel. The film is so moving I must say. It was about the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Watching it was very disturbing. The other project we worked was for a religious educational video. It was a seminar on Bible study. Translating and writing a dubbing scripture for a lecture is so hard! There are times the speaker will not finish his thought or will jump to another thought then go back to the a topic he previously talked about then he will make jokes that when you translate it in Filipino is not really funny. So far I'm enjoying the job so hopefully I will really stay here longer than my first two haha.

I will turn 22 two weeks from now. Oh well.. Hahaha


Ranran said...

I'll be turning 22 two weeks from now, too! Im on the 6th. 5th ka diba?

forg/jecoup said...

Yup hence the 9587 sa url :D

One day older pala ako sa'yo :D