Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nostalgia Fit: Power Rangers

What I like about YouTube is that you could really find a lot of videos especially the old stuff. I was watching a YouTube clip of an episode of US show Felicity (love that one,but discuss with that matter some other time) when I read a comment saying that one of the actress there was Pink Ranger of Might Morphin Power Rangers and with that I Googled that to confirm it and that instantly led me to look back how I love watching that show when I was child. If I remember it right it was aired on ABS CBN every Friday nights haha, that show was very popular during my childhood. I watched similar shows before like Bioman, Maskman, Jetman etc but I was too young when it was popular and Power Rangers was the "in" thing when I was a kid. There are still Power Rangers spin offs produced like every year and still being aired up to today but I guess nothing beats the original, well at least for me. I wont say this show was a great one but definitely memorable. Here is the opening song of the show with the original cast (the green ranger is not included here since he was added later on the series. Moreover, the original red,yellow and black rangers left the show and were replaced by new characters taking over their responsibilities).

And here is a montage off all the openings of the show's three seasons. I don't remember the latter openings anymore because I stopped watching this show religiously . (I started to lost interest with this show when the original red, black and yellow rangers left).

I also found out that the actress who played the original Yellow Ranger died in a car accident in 2001 =(

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