Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Frasier Insight

The past two weeks, I've been staying up late because I'm watching the reruns of Frasier on Studio 23 which is aired around 12:30 am. I love the sitcom, yes this show skews an older audience but I love the wit of this show and it does not rely on physical/slapstick comedy. The humor is intelligent has a terrific script. Earlier, the rerun episode was the pilot or the first episode of that show, and it was awesome. It tells how Frasier adjusts with his new life at Seattle after a troubled past. I love the bottom line of the story there wherein it tells life might not go the way we plan it to but it can nevertheless work out anyway and that sometimes we mourn for the life we lived, a life that we envisioned yet it ended or did not work the way we hoped for but we should to let it go already because we could never move forward if we cling on to that memory. You could tell I could relate to that. A great show I rediscovered, thank goodness to reruns.

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