Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Not Over

After the heart breaking loss of our Taekwondo Jin Toni Rivero today it already sealed up our chances of winning a gold or a medal for that matter. For the third straight Olympics our country will go home empty handed.
Well, technically we won medals: one gold and two bronzes for Wushu but that will not be counted in the medal tally since Wushu is just a demonstration sport. But congratulations anyway that is still an achievement.
I will not really blame our athletes they did their best. It just that, paraphrasing a song line, their best weren't good enough.
I'm sure there will be finger pointing because of this and the issue on how poor our sports program here in the country will be brought up as it has been the past years. But for how long will this be talked about, one to two weeks perhaps?
What we need is a sustainable development for our sports programs. But how could we achieve that? There is something wrong definitely with our sports programs here in our country. We need people who will not be just talks but will do something to improve our sports programs. I know it could not be done overnight but we have all the time in the world. We still have the time to fix it up since 2012 London Olympics is still far and I hope we would have greater chances on winning a medal by that time.
I'm not losing hope.

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