Thursday, July 24, 2008


July is about to end and next month, I am looking forward for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I'm not really a sporty person, I don't play any sport nor a big fan of any but I always look forward to the international competitions Team Philippines is joining such as South East Asian Games, Asian Games and of course the Olympics. This year we have fifteen delegates (listed below). I really hope our country will finally clinch the elusive gold medal. If not a silver or bronze medal will do :D
Our realistic chances on winning medals lies on boxing an taekwondo. Unfortunately, we only have one delegate for Boxing [Harry Tanamor], the past Olympics we have at least four. I hope he could survive and win. In my opinion, in order for him to win in boxing he must win by knock out because he will be vulnerable if it will be based on the judge's decision [Remember Onyok Velasco twelve years ago]. But of course we should not forget our taekwondo jins, two will represent our country. One of those, Toni Rivero, made it to the semifinals in the 2004 Athens Olympics and almost won a a bronze [or even a gold]. I hope she and Tshomlee Go will do well. As for the rest of our delegates, good luck who knows maybe someone from them could pull an upset and surprise us by winning a medal. I will be optimistic, Team Philippines will bring home the bacon.

2008 Beijing Olympics
Philippine Contingent

1. Tshomlee Go (Taekwondo)
2. Toni Rivero (Taekwondo)
3. Mark Javier (Archery)
4. Harry Tanamor (Boxing)
5. Miguel Molina (Swimming) - 200m Individual Medley
6. Daniel Coakley (Swimming) - 50m Freestyle
7. James Walsh (Swimming) - 200m Butterfly
8. Ryan Arabejo (Swimming) - 1500m Freestyle
9. Sheila Mae Paez (diving) - womens 3m springboard
10. Rexel Ryan Fabriga (diving) - men's 10m platform
11. Christel Simms (Swimming)
12. Eric Ang (Shooting)
13. Henry Dagmil (Athletics) - mens long jump
14. Maristella Torres (Athletics) - womens long jump
15. Hidilyn Diaz (weightlifting) - women's 58kg

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