Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Not a Good Time to be a Gasoline Boy

I am so sure that the gasoline boys are receiving the wrath of customers due to the high cost of gasoline these days. Shock absorbers tsk tsk. Can you blame the customers? But well I hope the drivers would spare the gasoline boys they don't control the prices for crying out loud and for sure they are also victims of the repercussions of the oil price hikes. Ironic isn't it? Watching the news everyday, there's no denying that these days living is so hard. As we are all aware, when prices of oil go up everything will follow. The jeepney minimum fare will go up as well. As much as this is an added burden to us commuters, the drivers deserve this. Nalulugi na sila eh.
The oil crisis is a world wide problem. Sometimes I suspect that there are forces that hoards the oil. But that is just a conspiracy theory. No substantial facts to back it up.But I don't think that is impossible.
*sigh* Sometimes I ask myself "Will this ever end?"
These times we need to have strong faith in order to survive this thing we call life.


pangaraplang said...

comment ako ha..nosebleed ako sa english but I learned grammar a lot like using these and this eheheh..

forg/jecoup said...

pangaraplang: ano ba mali mali din ako sa grammar at spelling at times, hindi ko na kasi na che check minsan kung tama haha. pinag pa practisan ko lang itong blog ko sa english writing sa totoo lang pero thanks anyway for reading my blog, i appreciate it =)