Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye ABC 5

On August 8,2008 ABC 5 will bid farewell to the Philippine airwaves to usher in a new era for the station. ABC 5 will now be renamed as TV5. I read at Pinoyexchange that ABC 5 had a major deal with a Malaysian production company that will produce several local shows which will be part of the line up of TV5. I read that this will be a grand relaunch for the channel and it indeed underwent a major makeover e including upgrading its transmitter.
I wishing all the best for this channel and I do really hope it will uplift the quality of Philippine television. I doubt their shows will poise a major threat for the big two networks in the ratings game at least for now. But what I am crossing my fingers for is that TV5 will be the venue for quality alternative local programming. Let's face it, today's Philippine TV landscape is "network war-driven", a competition which is not healthy anymore. This will be a tough challenge for TV5, as the two networks already created a big passionate loyal fan base, is there an audience left for TV5? Let's just wait and see.
Anyway, here is a retrospective of some the trademark local shows aired by ABC 5. Some of the shows I like that was aired on ABC 5 were Tropang Trumpo, Love Notes, 5 & Up, Ispup, On Air, Kabataan News Network,Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel,Wow Mali among others. The videos were originally posted from ABC 5's Mr. Jove Francisco's blog


Henrik said...

Other shows na naaalala ko: B na B (Baliw na Baliw), Single (which launched Stonefree because "Listen" was the theme), and that game show with Edu Manzano and the talking love robot.

And you forgot Wow Mali! :D

forg/jecoup said...

Yeah How could I forget WOW MALI, edit ko nga yung blog ko hehe.

Love Bytes yung kay Edu. I wathched Single nung season ni Rina (Philippine Next Top Model runner up) and Jaymee Joaquin (the kabagang girl of ABS CBN's Games Uplate Live)

jean.green18 said...

meh mga videos puh b kau ng love notes??

forg/jecoup said...

Sorry wala eh