Saturday, October 20, 2007


I don't feel comfortable lately.My head is full of so many things to do. Yeah, stress is kicking in.
Stress on a sembreak, haha. Earlier, I lost my cool in the HF staff meeting. It was not supposed to happen, I began the meeting in a happy mood, I was talking about some details on the Midyear workshop on Oct.29-30. This midyear instead of ordering food, we decided to assign each section to cook. We will give them a budget for that then some of the people began yapping that they should have a larget budget blah blah and we announced that they should only buy on stores that gave valid receipts more complaints came in. That's when I lost my cool, Yeah I know that buying in Palengke will be cheaper, but hey the money they wil use come from the HF trust fund, and everything we spend should be reported to the accounting and of course that's where the "receipts" play the role. I told them that managing finance in HF is friggin hard, it is so complicated. The reason I want them to do this for them to experience how it is to manage the fund and be responsible. To appreciate more that being an editor is not just about writing and editing, there is more into that. I told them to be resourceful, creative and be industrious. Man, am I being too ambitious? I was having doubts if this"staffers-preparing-the-meals" idea is a good one. I hope it is.

The second issue of HF is so delayed. It was supposed to be out this month but it will pushed till November. I'm disappointed. Could I be one of the worst EICs HF ever had? But I don't want to have my spirits go down. I will do better next sem.

Academics? Just doin fine. Got my grades today, not complete though since some professors did not pass their grades on time. I got two 3.75 and one 3.50. (4 is the highest mark in DLSU-D). I'm waiting for two more grades and I believe I did well on the two.
Grades for thesis is obviously on hold since that subject is extended til next sem.Not entirely our fault, even though that's what I feel they have been rubbing into our faces. They say we are poor research writers but let me just say that isn't it weird that ALL senior students in my department have "poor research writing" skills? I know we have our flaws but for us to take all the blame? That is unfair.

Sorry with the rants. I just want to release this things bothering me.


fireworksaddict said...

goodluck po sa midyear. =) sana lang magaling magluto si weizel, pat at iba pang staff. haha! joke. =) goodluck kuya! kaya mo yan.

Mock said...

hmmm... am surprised. you lost your cool? hala.

and about research writing, we were said of the same thing. :c

forg said...

reamel: thanks, kaya nila yan hehe

dustin: well ganun talaga pag may nagpapasaway hehe
maganda kaya thesis, super puri si sir SAYO, hindi sa inyo ah SAYO lang hehe