Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I will have my last exam tomorrow, normally it will signal the end of the sem and the start of the sem break. But not for me. For sure I'll be busy during the sembreak. Not that i'm complaining. When I was a freshmen, just an ordinary student, I was bored to death during those weeks. Of course when I joined Heraldo Filipino, I kiss sem break goodye. Not that I was forced too. I remember going to the HF office during the sembreak even though all my articles are already ok or I don't really have an assignment, I just love being at the office and finding a thing to do. Well, this sem break, will not just be about HF duties [and there are lot pending you know] but also for acads. Well, the thesis. Working on the draft 2. I hate to admit that I'm not doing good on working on it so far. Yeah, I am being lousy. Damn, I need to get my act together so I could finish it already.
And there are also HF duties I need to work on. Early today, I'm happy that I was able to finish 4 documents for HF. I kinda like writing proposals for the different HF activities [including the problems that arises when preparing one] and the feeling when those papers are approved is a GREAT feeling especially when I overcome an obstacle. I'm so glad we will have a MidYear Workshop, we did not have last year which was sad because my first Midyear Workshop two years ago was one of my unforgettable HF memories. I hope this coming Midyear Workshop will be great.
Another nostalgic moment for me was when I was writing the Inkblots seminar proposal, two years ago I was the one chosen to attend that and now I'm the one preparing it. Honestly, i want to attend the Inkblots 2007but of course I want my staff more to be there than me. Besides, i'll be too busy to this sem break.

So basically, I don't really have a sem "break". But I'm happy.

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