Saturday, October 27, 2007

Currently Listening

I'm no music expert, I'm just a casual listener. My music genre: Pop/Mainstream radio

My Current Favorite songs (in order)

1. Apologize-Timbaland feat. One Republic
2. Walang Misteryo- Imago
3. Never let her slip awy- The Bloomfields
4. How far we've come- Matchbox Twenty
5. Wag ka nang umiyak-Sugarfree
6. Gotta go my own way-Nikki Gil
7. Jenny-The Click 5
8. Sala-Pupil
9. Hate that I love you- Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo
10. Love will lead you back-Kyla

1 comment:

GeoRge said...

Gusto ko rin yung "Apologize".