Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Pilipinas Got Talent 3 Finals Rundown

Here's my personal ranking of the performances of the finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent 3.

1. Synergy
2. El Gamma Penumbra
- Compelling performances. Great way to start (El Gamma) and end the show (Synergy). The show's sucking lighting and direction didn't do Synergy favors but the talent speaks out, it was a breath taking numbers. El Gamma Penumbra's patriotic theme was delightful to watch frame per frame. Best grand finals performances I've seen sa PGT overall (including the first two seasons).

3. Loverkada Kids
The routine was nothing new but their stunts were well executed and you could see the passion from these kids

4. Kiriko
Catchy song and entertaining performance. I could feel the sincerity in their craft. They surprised me since I found them so-so sa semis.

5. Lucky Twins
I didn't like the song choice since it didn't fit their routine but the dancing was so graceful.

6. Muriel
I like her voice quality and the performance was good although I wish she had a chosen song that could have showcase her voice better

7. Twin Divas
Mediocre singing but dancing was great, they're good live performers

8. Maansinhon Trio
I like their voices, soothing and relaxing. It's not a remarkable performance but it's above average.

9. Renagine
She had a rough start although she found her groove towards the end. The voice is just powerful.

10. Khalil
- Yeah his looks is his selling point but he wasn't awful at least. Compared to similar contestant Jem last season which had a disastrous grand finals performance.

11. Sandugo
Poor song choice but they are a solid band overall, it's just that the vocalist pulled them down, he was annoying. They should have chosen piece that highlighted their various instruments and didn't rely too much on the vocalist.

12. Bringas Brothers
Inspiring story? Yes. Likable people? Yes. But I'm sorry their performance tonight was dull, it was just something you could watch at bars and restaurants.


My predicted Top 3 vote getters.

1. El Gamma Penumbra

For the past two seasons groups with lots of members made it to the top 3 (Baguio Metamorphosis in Season1 and Freestylers in Season 2). This group has around 20 members plus with acclaimed performance they have a great shot topping this season.

2. Khalil

The shrieks in the Ynares Center speaks at lot. Teens are smitten with him so I can see them voting a lot to take him to the final 3. He was the landslide winner during his semi finals batch so clearly he's got a strong fanbase already

3. Bringas Brothers

Strong online support since their audition due to their inspiring story. They had a lackluster performance but I guess their fanbase is strong.

I personally hope Synergy makes it to the final 3 because they totally deserve it.


PGT3 is lackluster overall and rushed (in a way it felt that this season was just placeholder of the weekend timeslots until PBB returns) but they had a solid batch of grand finalists compared to 1st two seasons. The past 2 seasons featured several mediocre acts and this season there are two standouts and a lot of solid performances. The weaker ones didn't have disastrous performances at least.

With that said, I hope PGT 4 will not come anytime soon (maybe 2013?). And hopefully they changed the judges, Ai Ai is OK but her attempt for humor have more misses than hits, Kris talks a lot of nonsense and FMG is showing his age with his "slow" comments. Plus I think they are the ones at fault why there's a lack of variety in the semi-finalists.

Anyway, hopefully either Synergy or El Gamma wins this season :)

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