Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Was A Good, Good Night

Last night I was at the Black Eyed Peas concert at SM Mall of Asia. I had a blast! I scored a ticket for this concert because the company I worked for is a partner and we made some of their TV plugs. Anyway, back to the concert me and my officemates were seated in the gold section which is a little far from the actual stage but still good enough. All I can say is that the Black Eyed Peas are total performers and they really entertained the crowd! And Apl de ap is just an inspiring man. I can feel his sincerity everytime he speaks about how proud he is of his Filipino heritage. I know it's from the heart and not just some bullshit to stroke our egos. I can feel the love for the country and it was really touching.

On the performance side, surprised me because admittedly I'm not a fan of his songs outside the Black Eyed Peas but wow he is such a great live performer! Taboo is often on the sidelines but I think among the three he has the best voice. And Fergie, just wow! She commands the stage like no other. And yes she's so hot with such a powerful voice. Towards the end of the show Fergie teared up because after this concert tour, the group will take a break and pursue their solo projects for the meantime. I can feel how united this four people are and how they love each other as evident in their performances where you can see the easy rapport and unparallelled chemistry.

My favorite performances would have to be Shut Up!, Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry,'s solo number where he played various songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Where is the Love and the finale with I Gotta Feeling. I admit when I first listened to I Gotta Feeling I didn't like it that much and was sort of annoyed of its 14 week run at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 but over time the song grew on me and the performance last night validated my feelings that this song will be a timeless classic! It's such a fun song to sing along to and yes dance! If you know me personally I'm not a party person and I'm mostly reserved but last night I was bopping my head, clapping my hands, fist pumping and even jumped because the energy of last night's concert was so high!

I definitely had the time of my life last night so thank you very much Black Eyed Peas for a wonderful concert! :)

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