Sunday, September 05, 2010

Twenty Three!

Technically, I will turn 23 years old by 11pm tonight so I'll enjoy my last few hours as a twenty two year old haha. Spent my birthday with my family earlier attending a mass at the Malate church and strolling in Baywalk/Roxas Boulevard for a few hours. I really appreciate how this place is perfect to hang out with your family and loved ones, I believe it was really a good call that they got rid of the establishments there because it became more family friendly and provided more space to walk, jog, bike, exercise, have a picnic and other stuff. Although, sadly I witness an accident earlier too when a taxi driver hit a vendor who was crossing the street. I did not see the whole incident though but just the aftermath, I hope the vendor and taxi driver too will be fine. Anyway, it was really good way to spend the day with my family. When I was at the church earlier, I thanked God for all the blessings he gave to me and my family and that we were able to handle well and survive all the challenges that came along. I couldn't really ask for more because I am really thankful that my family is intact and we are all in condition. I am blessed too that I have a stable job that I truly enjoy. So if you ask me what my birthday wish is, it's just simple I just hope that my family will always be safe and healthy and that we survive all the future obstacles that we will face.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to all those who greeted me on this special day! From my family, friends in elementary and high school from RCCS, my college friends (Broadcast Journalism family, Heraldo Filipino family and other college buddies I met), former professors , friends from my former jobs and my current job, and to all the friends I met online ( and twitter buddies). And thank YOU to those who visit my blog to check chart updates and all the other stuff I post here.

And thank you God for all the challenges and blessings. :)


jp said...

Happy birthday, Jecoup!

"I wanna on the cover of Forg's magazine! Standing next to Oprah and the queen..."

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks JP :)

My own magazine, how I wish haha