Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Hundred

I miss having my OJT at Journal Group of Publications. I miss proofreading. I miss the office.
I'll drop by hopefully next week to give tokens of appreciation.
March is just a few days away and with the regular classes over I am feeling the "end" more. Some of my friends and classmates are already asking where I would like to work. I could not answer them straight because I do not know yet. I just sa "isipin ko na lang pag ka graduate na" . Technically, I will still be at school around May because my term as EIC will end on that month though I will no longer have to do a lot of stuff by that time since the incoming Editorial Board will take over.
Speaking of HF, we are late once more :( It is just hard since my staffers and editors were all busy with their academics. Sigh. Anyways, one good thing though the student elections newsletter will be on time.
The EB applications started already. I already invited the panelists for the panel interview and currently preparing the EB exams. Shucks, sometimes it really felt that my EIC stint flew fast.
Memorable year of my life
Last Saturday was our Advertising Management presentation and we placed second. Not bad and I'm satisfied. Congrats to my team, the Viewpoint and to the winners: Izdihar's group 24/7. I'm really happy they won since they were the underdog and that group went to some trouble especially their leader Izdihar who earlier in that day was on the verge of a breakdown because of unexpected problems they faced. Who have thought that in the end they will win? Izdihar later texted me that she felt that their team did not deserve to win and I said to her don't think that way since they won fair and square and she should not feel guilty at all since they did not cheat or what. Do not let anything spoil your achievement.

Anyway, the subject of our advertising campaign proposal is a new light beer in the market. Our product is branded as Chill Lite.

Our Products: from right to left, Cool Drive (1st place), LiQ (5th place), Chill Lite (2nd place), Pivo (4th place), Swabeer (6th place) and Buzz (3rd place).

My Team: The Viewpoint

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I'm excited to meet this fellow known as real world, sana hindi siya suplado.


This is my 200th blog entry =)

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