Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Blood

Today was HF team 22's first Panel Interview. We interviewed 12 students and 11 passed.
Here is the breakdown:
2 passed for News
3 passed for Features
1 passed for Literary
2 passed for Sports
1 passed for Art
1 passed for Photo
1 passed for Graphics

It felt strange being on the other side. Two years ago I was the one sitting there in the middle of the two tables being grilled by the editors (especially Ate Maycee, the terror hehe). Now, I'm the one doing it. Time flies.
This will be an exciting year, the apprentices of this batch is a melting pot of different personalities. I really hope many, if not all, will be with HF til they graduate.

Last Thursday, I lost my ID! Kung kailan 4th year na ako tsaka pa nangyari ito. Grr... My ID has a sentimental value, it survived so many occurences it almost got lost.Plus, it has my "first year" look hehe. I thought me and my ID will be together til the end (dramA! lol). Oh well, I hope whoever found my ID will return it. But, I guess the chances of getting it back is slim. Haaayyy.

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Renan said...

check mo sa DO baka andun na ID mo