Saturday, July 07, 2007

Br. Armin and Sir Jun

Br. Armin Luistro,FSC, De La Salle Philippines President,visited HF's office today. It was a short visit, too bad he did not see the other HF people as only me and art staff Jheerick were the only ones present in the office at that time. Our former associate editor J.E who now works with Br. Armin texted me early morning informing me that Br. Armin will drop by the office. I was surprised, I have a make up class that time but I asked permission to go out early because I need to go HF since few people stay at the office during Friday mornings, baka walang madatnan sina Br.Armin. Thank God, my professor allowed me.It was nice meeting him. He asked me a few questions, small talk. He was nice, he has a friendlier aura than the other Lasallian Brothers I've met so far (I'm not saying they are not friendly, they were nice to me too but they have a different vibe, they're more formal I guess). Br. Armin and J.E treat each other like barkada. I find it amazing how their relationship evolved, it started when J.E emailed a complaint to Br.Armin and now he is working for him. Ironic, isn't it?
We had a fun and enriching class on Special Cases and Problems in Broadcasting and Journalism (wheew.... what a long subject title) under Mr. Jun Del Rosario. This professoris terrific! I'm learning a lot from him. The problem only is he is always late in class. But I guess the reason for his tardiness is because he came all the way from Quezon City, where he is the news executive producer for the morning show of the government stations. How I wished that he taught at DLSU-D noon pa. Well, It's better late than never. I really hope he will still teach in DLSU-D after this sem because the next batches of BroadJourn and AB Com students should experience being in his class because they will really learn a lot


Anonymous said...

hi! long time no see. well, talk pala. haha. musta buh EIC? di ka na nagtetext eh T_T
sya sya. keep your blog updated. i'll check on that everytime i log in.



Nagi said...

wow. Jun Del Rosario pa prof nyo. lam ko diba dati tumakbo siya na board member sa cavite?