Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The school year hasn't started yet but I'm already exhausted with so many things to do.

But it's better to be tired than be bored.

Today, we had the ocular inspection of the printers. It was fun. Syempre special treatment kami dun hehe. I asked questions to the people touring us in their plant, too many questions I think. I caught someone lying, I asked a tricky question and his answer was too good to be true.

Good thing,I don't have summer classes anymore because I could now focus my energy with HF stuff. I have so many things to do. My term faces lots of problems from broken PC and printer, being understaffed (with some of the remaining staff planning to file for LOA), tight budget (sana marami mag enroll this sem hehe) and some other problems that we inherited hehe.

Because of the LSPCON preparations and majority of the EB have (mandatory) summer classes, we have delayed some of the activities that should have been done this May. We started the pre bidding later than usual. And the yearend workshop is now scheduled on the first week of June. And we haven't really prepared that much for the recruitment for the freshmen orientation which is tomorrow.

Oh well, I had my first editing experience yesterday (courtesy of the HF Sports, Give them a round of applause for early submission of articles ). I kinda felt weird when Hanna (our Assoc) gave me the articles that i'll edit. I admit kinareer ko yun hehe, I read the article so many times making it sure that I did not left out anything or committed editing mistakes. I hope I did fine.

And before I end, earlier today Pat (our News Ed) texted me and said that the office of the Mayor of Dasmarinas called up and said that they made a tarpaulin congratulating HF for winning first place for the Broadsheet category on the College of Editors Guild of the Philippines awards. I was surprised since I don't know how did they know that info. If they called up during the campaign season, I will be suspicious but they called after the election and with winners already, I'm quite intrigued with this.Anyway, I'm glad that they showed appreciation on the achievement of HF.

The end of May is nearing. The final year of my college is about to start. And I know it will be a tough year.

I will embark on this journey with this thing in mind

Make 'it' Happen

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JP said...

How did the bidding go? Fill me in. :D

Hindi pa nagsisimula ang taon nababatak ka na. Mabuti yan. Hehehe...