Saturday, May 05, 2007

With Flying Colors

I'm finally home after the three-day Lasallian Schools Press Conference 2007 hosted by DLSU-D. I was a stay in commitee member. It was an experience I will never forget in my life, I met a lot of people and learned so many stuff. It was a tiring and a challenging experience. But all the physical exhaustion paid off when I learned that the feedbacks were generally good. When I toured the delegates of Ang Plaridel of DLSU-Manila they were all praises about how beautiful the DLSU-D campus is. It was a nice feeling that other people appreciated my school. And a lot of delegates had a fun stay specially the LSPCON challenge. I wasn't able to attend a lot of seminars becuase I was too busy taking care of some stuff for the seminars and I was running (well not really just fast walking haha) errands every now and then. But I was happy that we were able to invite some notable and respected media practioners like Quinito Henson, Isagani Yambot of Philippine Daily Inquirer and Yvonne Chua of PCIJ. I admit that days before the event I was really skeptic if we could pull this off and I'm so happy I was proven wrong. In general, LSPCON 2007 was a success though there were problems here and there and a potential big problem that was fortunately resolved (it happened the night of Day 2, that incident was so stressful and embarassing and one of the unforgetable moments in my life. hehe)
It's now over and I'm glad that we did it well. I wanna congratulate all the people who poured their heart out just to make LSPCON 2007 a success

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