Monday, January 08, 2007


I was already on my way to school when I receive a text telling me that our 7am class was cancelled because our professor texted our class president that she is sick.

But I'm already at school anyway and decided to go to ERS. And as of the moment I'm the only here. Nothing new since during my freshmen year I'm an ERS addict and even I go there as early as 7am because I want to surf the net. Well maybe because I don't have Internet at home why I consider ERS a haven for me. (We had a brief dial up connection that lasted for two months).

The year is just starting and my To do list is pouring in. I always think that this time of the school year is the toughest. It gets tougher as the years go by. My academic stuff in my fresmen year pales in comparison with what's in store for me this year as a third year student.

I have like 5 articles to write for HF. This time not only the broadsheet but also for the JUST PLAY and LS SPECIAL. This is my first time to write something for the magazines of HF. It's a challenge for me since I dont really excell writing feature articles. (Hanna and Travis bear with me )

Plus, I'm the coordinator of the student elections newsletter, HALALAN. Ngaragan ito. Last year we failed to release Halalan but I wont let this happen again. By hook or by crook haha


Anonymous said...

woooh. hehe i visit yer blog minsan lang i dont comment ^^

kaya mo yan may fourth year pa.

AND YES, ITULOY ANG HALALAN BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, ga-graduate na ako i wanna read it for the last time

nagi said...

^__^ you go, Jec! ei, penge naman copy ng mga HF issues lately. huhu.. i miss HF. at syempre ituloy ang HALALAN!