Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm so disorganized this week. I'm swamped with lots of school stuff. I don't know how to manage it really. I like to do a lot of stuff in so little time. I cram. This is so damn frustrating. What's worse is that sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all those things to do that I tend to get lazy and waste my time doing other stuff to "escape" those tasks. I don't know why I feel this way, it's bad I know. I just need to collect myself. I need to get my act together. Fast.


Things I need to accomplish ASAP:

1. Music Video for Cinematography
2. Community profile for Development Broadcasting
3. Photos for Basic Photography masked as Photojournalism (This is subject is fun but is so frustrating when the pictures I took when developed ARE ALL WRONG! I just dont KNOW how to use the SLR camera that much to make capture a good photo)
4. All those preliminary stuff for Communication Research ( a really big problem as I anticipated before)
5. A documentary for Electronic Newsroom 2
6. Those paper works for Technical Writing (relatively easy to do but I tend to neglect this subject because I'm more concentrated with the majors)
7. Pass the articles for HF, LS and Just Play. geez, of the 5 articles I'm tasked to write I have only done two so far, and out of the two I only submitted one!I kept forgetting to pass the other article I finished (I left it back home and kept forgetting it to place it my bag the night before!. Damn, so embarassing.


I want to do my thesis solo but I got scared so I opted to join a group to do an APPLIED thesis. But really my heart is not with it. I want to do a Basic research and I have a topic in mind but I'm scared that I may fail by doing thesis alone. I'm so torned really.


Renan said...

kaya mo yan!!!
parang boxing lang

Anonymous said...

jec, yan ang tinatawag na....

THIRD YEAR. *nuff said