Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Haircut

I had my haircut last Sunday and when I entered the examination room my classmates cheered [?]! I was really surprised with that response as if it was my first time to get my hair cut.Though I did not have a haircut for three months. Well, I guess the response was becuase I did not have my usual "barber's cut". I do not know what my new haircut/style is called. Actually, my mother meddled with this, she was actually demanding to change my hair do ["hindi raw pang binata"] for weeks and last Sunday she "forced" me to accompany her to the salon, I knew that I will my have haircut that day. When I was about to say to the haircutter "barbers cut" my mother talked and said that he[the haircutter] should give me a "pang binata" haircut.I was really embarassed with that scene but I choose not to speak and just give in with her "demands". But what can I say,this time the cliche "mothers knows best" was correct, base from the response I received, I looked better with my new hair style.


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Anonymous said...

yeah. ^^ nice haircut. seems fresh to me -cmc

JP said...

post ka naman ng pic diyan. di pako nakakadaan ng school. :lol: