Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Sophomore Saga

My sophomore year in college is over! (well technically not yet since we have a 6 week summer class but I consider that time as "transition period" for our third year). This year is way better, miles away, from my freshman year. Lot of things happened to me that will be forever in marked in my heart! Well I fulfilled one of my dreams, to be part of a school publication! Being at Heraldo Filipino made me feel more "fulfilled" as a student. Yeah, my life is more complicated than the ordinary student but it is more okay when you are doing something more and being exposed to the community and not be just be confined in the four corners of the classroom. I have learn that being a school scribe is not just about writing no its way more beyond than that. at first i wanted to be in a school paper for the glory of the byline but as time goes I realized that I also enjoy being a student servant. Now I currently finished all three tests for my editorial bid. I hope I'll pass and be a an editor but if not it will be okay since I will have my time.

Anyways I also witnessed the dramatic change of my classmates, the once passive section has bloomed! They are now active and now shows interest with our course. Before they seem so bored,lazy and has the kanya kanya attitude but now I'm seeing their potentials. In fact we won two competitions and some of the members of the class won awards (including me). Some are already joining extra curricular organizations. I now see hope and I wont be scared anymore that we will not do our productions for our third year, I know our class can do it!

My academics were better! Maybe because the subjects I have taken were more likable (well except for a few like reed144). I almost became a Dean's lister during the first semester! Next school year it will be a majority of major subjects (only two out of 8 subjects are minors)

Another chapter of my college life has folded and I'm waiting the next chapter with excitement

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