Saturday, December 31, 2005

see you next year!

which is a few hours away.

Goodbye 2005!

For me, it was a great year, some of my goals were achieved and I'm so grateful with that. Thank God for a blessed year and I hope next year will be equally good or hopefully better.
My mother insisted for me to wear red because its good luck according to some Feng shui expert she heard on radio. Because I'm obedient I did not only wear a red shirt but I matched it up with red pants. Remember the Chinese Dance our class performed last semester? I'm wearing the "better half" of our costume. I look ridiculus I guess but its only for a day and no one will see me aside from my family so its okay.
Every New Year's eve I dont really join the noise and fireworks extravaganza outside. Why? Well first I have asthma so I dont like being surrounded with smoke. Plus, I am occupied with an activity inside my house. I have this tradition already to listen and jot down the different yearend countdowns of FM stations. I have been doing this since 1998 and I keep my notes in a notebook but unfortunately my "records" from 1998-2001 got lost. Anyways, my siblings find this tradition of mine weird...hehehe....but I love doing this since I always have this feeling of excitement as the djs unravel the hits of the year. I'm proud to say most of my guesses what songs will hit the top post is correct. Even though most radio stations conduct their yearend charts at the same time, I'm still able to track them all, years of experience I guess. Anyways I've already recorded some results of the yearend countdown and I posted it at an Internet forum. If you want to see it here is the link:

Happy New Year Everyone!

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