Thursday, December 29, 2005

If I were a Game KNB contestant

Whenever I have the chance to watch the noontime game show GAME KNB, I can't help but notice how its host Kris Aquino "cross examines" the contestants. Sometimes I feel embarass for the contestants (and Kris as well). She often ask questions on their romantic lives and she could be very nosy. She is shocked when some of the players haven't had a girlfriend ofr 8 years, the reasons of their break up and sometimes she sorts of meddles with their relationships. If ever I became a contestant I guess Kris will have an interesting "cross examination" with me.
Kris: So how do you pronounce your name
Me: JE-KUP po
Kris: bakit Jecoup ang name mo, ang weird/unique naman
Me: Kasi po, I was born in the time of coup d etat,(I'm sure your mom remembers that well.) so my father thought na to name me after that, nilagyan lang ng J since lahat ng kapatid ko starts with letter J.
Kris: so dapat JE-KUH kasi french ang origin ng name mo
Me: yung iba po yun ang tawag, pero yun na po yung kinalakihan kong pronounciation
Kris: oh well, so do you have a girlfriend?
Me: wala po
Kris: kaka break?
Me: di po wala po talaga
Kris: as in since birth wala talaga?
Me: opo
Kris: really? *gasp* magpapari ka ba?
Me: hindi po, talaga lang wala..
Kris: di ka pa na inlove?
Me: opo
Kris: Baka naman hindi girls type mo
Me: lalo pong hindi
Kris: ay naloloka ako sayo, mag start na nga tayo...

^^ That conversation will most likely to come up if I ever became a GAME KNB contestant. So I guess I 'll just settle being a homepartner instead


papst_josef said...

i can picture that situation. sometimes, she can be so tactless as to inadvertently humiliate her contestants. but seriously, i don't like her as a game show host, because she's so "bakla"-ish both in terms of diction and choice of words. it would be more appropriate if a broadcaster or a more effective host would host GKNB. i would recommend korina sanchez, bernadette sembrano, dawn zulueta, or any other reputable personality. and one more thing, she's overexposed, it seems that her presence herself is already a cliche.

papst_josef said...

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Anonymous said...

ahoi! jecoup... hulaan mo kung sino ako!! wahaha! (una mong naging friend sa dlsud).. aus blog ah! kakatuwa! pati ba naman si kris aquino na walang kamalay malay pinag3pan mo! hehehe! di pero aus!!! ganda!

rose said...

haha i know what you mean. sometimes nakaka offense yang si kris ano? shes the know it all girl.. but shes smart ha!

btw, ive learned that youre form naic? im from naic too.. KOOL!
san ka sa naic ha?


rose said...

wahehe... offend pala hehe!
super dumb talaga si ako!

rose said...

im sorry kala ko talga naic ka.. hehe, nakit ako kasi sa website ng naic yung name mo.. haha! silang ka pala. yung asawa ko taga silang :)

see me connection pa rin hahaha

herman said...

I agree with you, Kris would likely speak in such manner. I don't like her from the way she talks. I think she shouldn't dwelve herself with the contestant's love affair. Another thing that I hate about her is that she makes the contestants sing songs even though it's against their will - she does it focefully ...... grrrr. I don't even think that she's smart, she knows stuff because she already knows the question and the answers.

JP said...

what dya expect, atenista si kris. hehehe...

yan ang epekto ng kakapanood ng Game KNB. hehehe...

there's a way to combat kris' kataklesan. tell a lie. a cold-hearted lie. hehehe...

Ganns said...


Good job! This post got me rolling in the aisles. Fun-NEE!