Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello! It's Me

And it's December! So time for me to resurrect this blog which by the way turned 10..... last February! I was planning to blog then but I GOT LAZY as usual. But now it's December, I have the enthusiasm to blog again mostly about year end stuff: lists, charts, lookback, reflection etc!  And since its awards season as well maybe some award nominations predictions which I haven't done in a while. Let's see I hope I won't get lazy

Anyway, on personal stuff.. MY WORK HAS BEEN REALLY HECTIC. Aside from TeleNovela Channel (yes that channel is still alive and kickin!), I'm also now a channel coordinator for our new client Beam TV, a terrestial channel (Ch, 31 in Mega manila) and handled traffic and scheduling of their channel since March. It was so hectic and hard but honestly it was rewarding as well because well I'm a TV geek and I love scheduling, programming and all those stuff so for me to able to do it for a a broadcast channel with a wide reach is sort of a dream come true. I do wish I have better resources (and pay? hehehe) so I can do and offer better but I need to maximize what we have. I also have another project with TV Shop Philippines where I oversee editing of some of their materials and also their scheduling and coordination to the other channels they have a block time (they also have their own 24/7 channel that can be seen on Cignal Ch. 21). So yeah I'm juggling 3 projects and it's very time consuming and difficult but hey its career growth so that's great.

Apart from my job., I still do part time work for Pinoyexchange! I love my PEx family and this year was also a tough one for them and had some sad moments but that's reality  we have to face in. Sadly due to my hectic work schedule, I haven't been able to do that much like in previous years hoping next year, I'll be able to balance things better

Family? Well we had some health scares this year especially Nanay but she has recovered but one thing I realized is that it's quite hard to see the people that have always been the strong ones in vulnerable position but you see I'm an adult now so I need to face those stuff and I thank God nothing really bad happened although some things will never be the same again. Financial wise, after closing down our canteen business last year, we have moved on quite nicely. My sister and brother got new jobs and fresh starts. The money we lost there well it will take a long time before we can recover that. Honestly speaking the bankruptcy of the business sort of traumatized me so I'm very wary of money now. Although I know I have to invest as early as now so I can have better security in the future but you see I'm quite scared of possible failure and loss of money again. But I hope I can be brave enough next year to take the plunge. And oh my nephew turned 7 this year and seriously I love that he is in my life constantly because the pure joy and excitement of an innocent kid makes me feel better no matter how stressed I am. He is a smart and sweet kid and I always pray to God that he is healthy always and away from any form of harm.

On other stuff, well I'm still obese sadly, I had a semi-attempt to lose weight but it's harder than I thought. My hair continues its road to baldness. I admit I try not to think about my physical appearance anymore because it makes me a little sad. I rarely look on mirrors these days I just don't like what I see. I need to fix that I know.

And that's it for now. It felt great to blog again and share my thoughts! Twitter ain't enough

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