Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review: Expressions of the Year

This blog entry was inspired from a GMA news online article. These are the words /phrases that became part of the conversation of most Filipinos. Most of the times these expressions are used in a joking manner but one things for sure they have become an essential part for bonding with your friends and loved ones. Here the expressions that mattered this year

5. Award!
- This is gay lingo that was even made more famous by the box office hit Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington, It is often used to express delight or approval for something.

"Does this dress look good on me" "Award siya 'te"

5. Wagas

- Wagas in english describes something that is pure. This word is often used to exaggerate an opinion about someone's performance or preoccupation on something.

"Kung maka-gamit ka ng pabango, wagas! Maligo ka kasi ng maayos!"

4. Havey/ Waley

- A play on words "have" and "wala". First heard these words used in the talent show Showtime. When a performance impresed the judges they would say it's 'have" because they "have it" but if the performance disappoints or the attempt to make a standout performance fails they'll describe it as "waley" because "walang dating" (no impact). These words are now used to comment on anythingn and everything.

"Yung mga projects na pino-propise niya waley naman eh dapat nakinig siya sa suggestion ng iba na havey na havey"

3. Peg

- I don't know if this gay lingo but I first heard the use of peg at work (a media production company) when we brainstorm on projects and we use the word "peg" to describe someone or something that we would like to pattern our current project is. Now the word peg has been used to describe the inspiration of someone's look or actions.

"Wagas ka naman kung iyakan yang ex-boyfriend mo, KC Concepcion ang peg mo?"

2. Ikaw Na!

- Thanks to JP for reminding me of this and how stupid of me to forget about this! This is even have an english version via "you already!". "Ikaw na!" expresses extreme compliment to someone usually in a sarcastic tone.

"Ikaw na ang model employee! Tama na ang pag-over time dyan!"

1. "Kapag ______ ba _______ na agad? Hindi ba pwedeng _________ muna?"

This joke was made famous via the box office hit Praybeyt Benjamin. You will first make comment on something that is stereotypical but then you have a punch line in the end.

"Kapag kinukulit ka ba may crush na sa iyo agad? Hindi ba pwedeng may ADHD lang siya muna?

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jp said...

So "Ikaw na!" didn't make it to the list? Hehe. :)

forg/jecoup said...

Oo nga. Na-overlook it deserved the #4 spot more than wagas and award haha sayang na miss out ko lol

Thanks JP :D

forg/jecoup said...

I'm going to update this list and include Ikaw Na! :D