Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Week that Was

Sunday: Cramming for Communication Research. We have to pass chapter one the next day. This is one of the downside of doing the thesis alone, being the only one who will work on all stuff. But it is my choice anyway.

We had a "sort of" thesis topic defense. The substitute professor Mr. Marco Polo (that's his real name) was nice but very meticulous which was good since he wants us to get our topics in tip top form. Some pairs/groups though will need to do an "extreme makeover" on their respective topics. Mine? I will do some changes but not major which is good.

I was busy arranging stuff for the HALALAN student elections newslette. Quite a pain since there is this contoversy between the disqualification of candidates. Feels like national politics eh?

Wednesday: Trip to UP LOS BANOS for Development Broadcasting. It was okay, I love UP LB but I got annoyed with the block being separated into two buses mainly because of the poor seating arrangement system. Plus, one thing that i really despised was the call time is 6 am. I know many will not make it to that time so its okay to me to wait for at least until 6:30am but there are some students (not my classmates) who were so horribly late for like one hour and we have to wait for them (The bus stopped near Walter Mart and we waited for 30 minutes or longer just for this precious people to show up). It is so unfair to us who woke up early just to make it on time. Some told me that some of the late comers were living in a dorm! what the!

Thursday: I had a mild asthma attack but went to school anyway. I got busy rushing photographs for photo journalism/basic photography class but it was still a disaster. Lesson to me not to proscatinate anymore.
Also two of my articles for HF were ready for lay out but the thing is I have still four pending.

We had a fun photo journalism/basic photography class since we took studio shots. Photography is amazing. how I wis I was good at it. AFter that i did some research stuff for my thesis then HF work.

Saturday (today): I haven't accomplished anything today (well except passing my long overdue mediocre features article). I'm just surfing the net. I feel so useless but I need a break I gues


Anonymous said...

..sorry. nasa ojt ako nung nagtext ka. i received yer texts 2 hours late.

Renan said...

ay jec, kaw lang mag isa sa thesis? i hope you do great. well i know you'll do great... kaw pa! hehehe

Anonymous said...

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