Sunday, April 25, 2021

Snippets 12

* I find it endearing that my father is worried about our neighbor who owns a bakery because there's a new bakery in the subdivision. He observed how there are fewer people buying pandesal lately. He feels that that he could lose a lot of business and may end up letting go of some our neighbor's employees. My Tatay is such a good and caring friend. He does not need to worry about this stuff but he does.

* Tomorrow is the Oscars and first time after a decade that I won't be a doing a Oscar Pool at Pinoyexchange. I decided to end it last year due to declining interest. I miss doing it but it was past its prime. 

* I prepared some work from home stuff last Friday that I will do tomorrow but I decided to some of it this weekend and felt good really to accomplish some stuff early on. 

* April is about to end and it will be a year since our baranggay had its first COVID case. It still felt like yesterday. The panic that ensued after that. Nowadays even if we're still in this neverending quarantine, things are less restrictive but still sad.

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