Saturday, December 30, 2017

My 10 Favorite Sitcom Episodes of 2017

Here is my annual rundown of my favorite episodes of the sitcoms I watched this year. Like in previous years for variety purposes I just chose one episode per show. 
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1. The Good Place Season 2, Episode 3 "Dance Dance Resolution"
I had a hard time picking among three episodes as the season 1 finale and season 2 premiere were so so outstanding that left me lasting impressions. Ultimately, I chose the current season's third episode because I was so impressed how the show was so clever enough to pull off another organic surprise from the already wickedly surprising Season 2 opener. I love twist when it' is executed masterfully that you could feel that the writers have a clear game plan on the show will pan out. 

2. Master of None Season 2, Episode 3 "Religion"
This Netflix comedy is very different from that typical sitcom that I like. It's unconventional and adventurous. It's hard to predict what will they do next but what I love with this show is even with its experimental approaches it never loses the humor completely. This is my favorite episode of the current season because of the excellent way they handled the story of a person's spirituality.  Not preachy. No mocking of one's faith. Just pure human approach. In a year where obnoxious aggressive behavior and mindset took the center stage, an episode like this exploring a sensitive topic in a level headed and sensible way is what we need.

3. Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 6 "Rosario's Quinceanera"
The big comeback of this beloved classic 11 years after it went off the air. However, the actress who played the charming Rosario declined to return due to retirement so this episode was [SPOILER ALERT]  a fond farewell to a beloved character. Karen's eulogy is full of heart and yet never loses the barbs their relationship is known for.

4. Superstore Season 2, Episode 21 "The Tornado"
Just like last year, Superstore's season finale ended in a BIG way. The execution of the tornado scenes caught me by surprise of how intense it was, I was at the edge of my seat. And yet the funny moments still kept on coming with my personal favorite involving the silent scene stealer Sandra. 

5. The Middle Season 9 Episode 9, "The 200th"
Now on *sniffs* its final season, I knew The Middle's 200th episode will be special and I definitely was not disappointed. The episode's highlight is Mike's unexpected speech telling how special Orson and the importance of the sense of community.

6. Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5 Episode 4, "HalloVeen"
This show's Halloween Heist episodes were always fun but this year they took it up a notch with such crazy hilarious episode that featured one of the best spoof of Emmy winning drama The Handmaids and manage to pull a MAJOR surprise in the end. 

7. Trial & Error Season 1, Episode 13 "The Verdict"
This hilarious mockumentary is one the underrated new gems of the year. This Whodunnit comedy features a great cast and riveting murder mystery with hilarious twists and turns and the season finale where we finally found out who the murderer is was executed to perfection.

8. Speechless Season 2, Episode 10 "S-i-Silent Night"
This family comedy's Christmas episode is my favorite of the holiday-themed episodes I've watched this year. Funny, warm and tender. I love how this episode gave a "voice" to a person who can't speak and was able to send its message across in a big way. And yes this episode left me teary-eyed!

9. Downward Dog Season 1, Episode 4 "The Full Package"
 Yes the show's main character is a talking dog but it's not in the cute kind of way. The dog is full of angst but he delivers it a very witty way and was truly engaging to "hear". In this episode, the show touches the issue of one's insecurity and it really struck a chord. This show has been canceled which is unfortunate but the show's eight episode run was so special and hopefully gets discovered eventually by a wider audience someday.

10. Mom Season 4, Episode 12 "Wind Chimes and a Bottomless Pit of Sadness"
The show completely shifted its focus to Bonny and Christie's Alcoholic Anonymous group which I can't blame the show because it is really the show's strength. In this episode, the ladies got accidentally high and while this is Sitcom 101 plot, the execution, cast chemistry and acting were top notch that just remembering the scenes in my head already had me laughing. 

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