Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Midweek Musings 20

* The Oscar season is here! The various guilds already released their nominees and black and white silent French film about Hollywood "The Artist" is the frontrunner. The said movie also racked up a lot of awards from various critics organizations although not as dominant as last year with The Social Network winning almost everything possible but then the guild awards and eventually the Oscars settled the score and chose The King's Speech instead. Let's see if The Artist could dominate the major awards. I personally hope it doesn't and I have nothing against the film (I haven't seen it since it's not released here nor is it available through "alternative means" just yet) but a film dominating the various award giving bodies makes for a boring Oscar race. Ditto with the acting categories, hopefully there's a good mix so there would be a level of suspense come Oscar night. Anyway, expect awards race-related posts in the coming weeks ;)

* Lots of interesting midseason shows premiering in the USA this midseason. I'm looking forward to ABC's The River, Scandal and Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, Fox' Alcatraz and NBC's Smash! The latter got my interest because it stars Katharine McPhee, the hottest American Idol alum of all time :D Well her music career flat-lined so maybe she can be a TV star soon? NBC is in shambles right now with their primetime lineup but they produced last season's only bonafide hit via The Voice and they will use the show as lead in for Smash so maybe this show could buck the network's losing trend. I certainly hope so.

*Nothing in local TV is exciting me that much. The soaps are blah. My guilty pleasure PBB is just too messy this season that I stopped watching it. But they are making some changes right now by evicting a lot of unnecessary housemates haha. Maybe this could pick up but this season is rivaling the second season of the celebrity edition as the most lackluster season to date. They should consider making a PBB: All Stars but using the US format with no public vote and it's just the housemates voting each other out ala Survivor. This franchise needs to freshen up.

* During the weekend I was pleasantly surprised that our cable provider finally added TeleNovela Channel in their lineup! It's our company's channel and I proudly showcased it to my family :D I really hope our channel will be successful because I see a lot of potential in it but admittedly starting a channel is really a tough job and we're facing some problems right now but I believe we would overcome it soon. Anyway, visit to check out the channel and where you can find it. #plugging

*I'm quite productive at work this week and I actually finished my task earlier than usual. I'm starting the year right so hopefully it continues! Last year I had thoughts of quitting this job but it was just a phase. The company ain't perfect and there are still a lot of things they need to improve but I feel home here and I really see a potential to grow. So I'll stay here for as long as possible. It's been almost 4 years(!) since I graduated from college and I will turn 25 this September so it's not ideal to start over again especially that I do really like my job and the work environment. Salary ain't high but it's still good. I help pay some bills in our household right now (water and cable) and I took over paying my father's credit card as well since he's retired already and I just want the retirement money he got from the company to himself and Nanay. I thought this is just a small thing compared to all the sacrifices he made for the family (his credit card bill is not that high anyway). I really appreciate my parents now more than ever since my nephew was born. I'm just the uncle but I'm very protective of my nephew so what more my parents especially I was such a sickly child since I was 3 months old. Imagine the horror they must have felt during those times I was hospitalized! I'm no saint and I still get annoyed with some of the things my parents say or do, but it's only a knee-jerk reaction because at the end of the day, your family will be always there for you no matter what.

* So "the one that got away" texted me yesterday inviting me for dinner sometime to catch up. I haven't seen her in a year and frankly I don't think I want to see her because some feelings could be reawaken haha! In hindsight, I really regret not being brave enough to pursue her. I was a coward I know. But she liked someone else back then anyway so what's the point? I valued the friendship so much to risk losing it. But I always knew we always had that connection. I think she knew something's up but she never treated me any different which was great because I didn't want to have awkwardness between us. Because of work and everything I thought I was over her but every once in awhile we get to text and talk about our jobs and I always have a great time. She has someone new now and I think maybe seeing her might not be a good idea. I responded to her text by saying "sure" but had some jokes after about treating me. Oh well. I don't know why I shared this hahahahahaha. Anyway, it's nice to get this off my chest anyway :)

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