Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Purchase Songs at My Music Store Philippines via Smart Pasaload

My Music Store Philippines is the newest music website in the country where you can download songs and albums legally! It's about time that we finally have a website that offers services like this and I hope Pinoys will give this one a shot. It will be a tough sell for sure since we are already accustomed of downloading songs for free but maybe this could work and help the music industry in the long run. Let's wait and see. For those interested, they have quite a large library as they have tie ups with major record labels (except Warner which I hope will join them soon). Anyway, what I like about their service is that you can purchase songs and album via Smart Pasaload for people who don't have a credit card or PayPal account. It's a good concept and makes the purchasing of songs more accessible. I hope it will be available soon The price range of songs are from 20 to 35 pesos and as for albums 200 to 400 pesos. Anyway, here's how you can download songs via Smart Pasaload (Oh before you can use the site, you must register on the site first and it's free by the way)

1. Once you have a song you want to download, you click the song title and this would appear below.

2. Click the "buy song" button and it will be added to your cart.

3. To pay for the song just go to the cart and click "proceed to payment"

4. There are three options to pay and choose "pay via mobile phone" and click "pay now"

5. Once you click "pay now" a pop up message will appear where it will ask you to place in your mobile number then click continue

6. Once you entered your mobile number a pop up message will appear containing the amount, transaction code and the text message you will receive on your mobile phone.

7. Upon receiving the "MyMusic code in your cellphone forward it to 808.

8. After forwarding the message you will then receive the Pasaload confirmation of transfer of funds and confirmation from My Music Store Philippines that payment has been successfully transferred.

9. Once payment is done, this payment confirmation will appear on your computer screen. The song you purchased will now be part of your "My Collection", just click the 'Download Now" button to go to your My Collection page and download the song

And that's it! I must say the song's quality is good and it doesn't take that much to download the song (well it depends on your Internet connection as well). To find out more about the site visit Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

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Jule Vincent said...

This is awesome! I've been dying to buy and download singles legally for a time, and now the time has finally come. I love music, and I want the music industry in the Philippines to be progressive and fair. :-)