Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sarah Bareilles and Bruno Mars lead Billboard Charts

Sarah Bareilles' and Bruno Mars top this week's Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot Digital Songs, respectively. Bareilles' scores here first #1 with her well-reviewed second album "Kaleidoscope Heart" entering the Billboard 200 at #1 selling 90,000 as reported by Her first album "Little Voice" was a sleeper hit, it debuted at #45 but with the help of her hit song "Love Song" it managed to have a #7 peak and it's just now 3,000 copies shy of hitting the 1 million sales mark. On the other hand, Bruno Mars tops Billboard's Digital Songs Chart with "Just The Way You Are" selling 209,000 copies this week dethroning last week's #1 "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry although it's still the #1 song on the Hot 100 while "Just The Way You Are" jumps to #3 as reported by Paul Grein from Yahoo! Chart Watch (full results of Hot 100 to be posted tomorrow). This is the second time Mars hit the top spot on the Hot Digital Songs chart, first was one was for B.o.B's "Nothin' on You" where Mars was a featured artist. I have a strong feeling "Just The Way You Are" will be his second (and first as a solo) #1 on the Hot 100.

Taylor Swift's 2008 and Grammy Award winning album "Fearless" has sold 6 million copies this week, the first album to hit that sales mark since 2005's "Some Hearts" by Carrie Underwood and with the state of album sales right it could be the last one too (hopefully not!)

Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me" jumps to #8 from #11 this week on the Hot Digital Songs chart, this song is finally gaining steam on the digital sales. I thought this song would flop since it did not start well and Flo Rida's first singles from his first two albums "Low" and "Right Round" was a hit out of the gate and were breaking digital sales records. Although obviously "Club Can't Handle Me" is not a monster hit compared to the first two it's shaping up to be another hit and I'm glad because personally I think this is better than "Low" and "Right Round".

Here are the Top 10 for Billboard 200 and Billboard Digital Songs (full results of Hot 100 to be posted tomorrow):

Top 10 Billboard 200
  1. Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart (90K)
  2. Eminem - Recovery (81K)
  3. Various Artists - Now 35 (63K)
  4. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (59K)
  5. Disturbed - Asylum (57K)
  6. Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy (46K)
  7. Interpol - Interpol (38K)
  8. Justin Bieber - My World 2.0 (35K)
  9. Anberlin - Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place (31K)
  10. Various Artists - Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam (31K)
Top 10 Hot Digital Songs
  1. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars -(209K)
  2. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (197K)
  3. Dynamite - Taio Cruz - (155K)
  4. Nelly - Just A Dream (155K)
  5. Love The Way You Lie - Eminem feat Rihanna (147K)
  6. I Like It - Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull (137K)
  7. DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love - Usher feat Pitbull (137K)
  8. Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida feat David Guetta (119K)
  9. Take It Off - Ke$ha (115K)
  10. Magic - B.o.B feat Rivers Cuomo (108K)

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