Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Vote

After months of researching and contemplating I finally decided who I will vote for President in the upcoming National Elections in May 10. And my choice is....

I know that Gordon is lagging in the surveys and I will not lie, I do think his win is a long shot. But should that stop me from voting for him? His achievements are exceptional. I like that his platforms are realistic and how he emphasizes on political will and getting things done. I have a choice to vote for him, win or lose. I will vote because I believe that person I chose can do the job and not just vote because he is the perceived lesser evil even though I don't believe in him. This is my choice and I will stand by it. I hope as we go near the election day, something great will happen, that will shake up the current campaign scene, a change of pace in the likely voting trend. I still have hope. I just hope people will think things over who they will vote for.

But nevertheless if Gordon does not win, I hope the eventual winner will prove me wrong. I just want the best for this country. I do not expect overnight changes. I can wait but I need to see conscious efforts to take this country to the right path.


abeeh said...

hi.. i've been following your blog for years but it's the first time for me to leave a comment. i really appreciate your effort in posting music charts and your views on movies, American dramas and just about everything else. I look forward to each article, although I've kept mum all this time. You could say,it's been a part of my daily habit and I'm sure many folks feel the same way. I hope you'd keep on blogging.. ^^
Where am I going exactly? Well, think you've made a wise decision to consider Senator Gordon as your president. Being an Olongapeno and a Gordon volunteer for years, I've seen how he has transformed my city into a better one and how his philosophy were converted into actions. As a political science major, I know for a fact that the best leader we can possibly have is someone who's not only had extensive experience but someone who's achieved something great. He's proven that time and again, and although he's lagging in the surveys as you said,that doesn't inhibit him at all. Let's make our votes count. Noynoy claims it will be a 2-man show and that all those who will vote for Gordon are but his die-hard fans. Well, I don't deny the latter, but I sincerely believe that we can give Sen. Dick a chance.
Thanks again for always posting your views. More power to you!

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks for the compliments on the blog and sharing your thought about Gordon, I really appreciate it.

I don't want to waste my vote so I pick the person who I truly believe could do the job. Hindi ko maatim iboto ang isang tao dahil sa perceived winnability kahit ayoko sa kanya. :)