Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Midweek Musings 3

* Today is the 33rd Wedding Anniversary of my parents Rudy and Linda Asombrado! Congratulations Nanay and Tatay! I'm so proud of my parents, they are not perfect of course but I know they really love each other after all these years, imperctions and everything, through thick and thin. I hope that I will be as fortunate as my parents who found someone they would spend their lifetime. I hope by the time I reach my 30s, I already found the right girl I would spend my lifetime with [mushy much? :D]

*Tatay decided to file for early retirement after 30 years of working with Dole Asia. It's bittersweet but after his recent hospitalizations due to hypertension, Tatay thought that it's really time to end his career as company driver before his health would go worse. I know Tatay loves his job very much but this is the best decision. I heard some of his co-workers cried when Tatay announced his retirement, Tatay is well-loved in the office and I'm really proud how many lives Tatay touched from the rank-and-file employees to the executives. He still has a month with Dole (although he will just work inside the office not driving anymore) and I hope he will have a blast. This is a major change for the family and I admit I'm a bit nervous about the future. But I trust God and his plans for us.

*We are lessening electricity usage in the house right now due to the high cost of electricity right now. That includes less time for me to use my laptop and surf the net. It's okay I have to do my share and I think it will be good for me to stay away from the laptop once in awhile. I should read a book, I haven't a read a new book for quite some time. I'm thinking of buying the Percy Jackson books because some of my friends told me this could fill in the void left by Harry Potter. And I want something light and escapist to read so I would probably the books. Next payday maybe.

*The mudslinging in local politics is just disgusting. And I'm so annoyed with some candidates who are already conditioning the minds of the people that if they won't win it's because they will be cheated. I know that in this country NO ONE LOSES IN THE ELECTIONS because they are ALL CHEATED but isn't it to early to announce you will be cheated because you know we are still two weeks away from the elections? I'm really praying that this year's elections will not be chaotic. God Bless the Philippines


jp said...

Hi Jecoup, you might also want to start reading the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale. It's even better than Harry Potter in my opinion. It has 10 books but I assure each one will be worth your time and money. But whatever book you decide to pick up, happy reading! And congratulations to your parents on their 33rd wedding anniversary! :)

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks JP for the suggestion will check that out