Friday, February 12, 2010

Spotlight: Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

The 20th season of Survivor dubbed as Heroes vs. Villains premiered today and I'm very excited as a big fan of this show this all star season is something to look forward. Although I admit that I'm slightly disappointed of the casting for the 20 castaways this season since 9 are third-timers and some really "not so notable" castaways like Tyson, Danielle and Candice. And no ASIAN. I would love to see Rafe, Todd, Terry, PG, and Yau Man (yes, a third timer but love that guy) join the cast. Even Richard Hatch, too bad he was a convicted tax evader haha he was invited to join this season but was not allowed by the court to travel overseas. But still a lot of my favorites are there namely Sandra, Tom, Parvati, Sugar and Courtney. Base from the premiere episode the season looks promising. I hope this will be as good as Survivor: Fans vs Favorites and not like Survivor: All Stars (which disappointed with the lack of game play/strategy from the castaways making way for an easy win for Rob and Amber).


I'm sad that Sugar was the first one voted off. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of the overrated Russel of Survivor Samoa. I mean the guy made the 19th season exciting with the several blind sides but way too much hype about him being the best player EVER. He was a good strategist but the reason he did not win was because he failed to see how important the social game is. Parvati and Todd of the previous seasons were also "villains" blindsiding many people but still managed and beat likable Amanda, so for me they are better than Russel. But I'm glad Russel is in this season though. Since he went straight from Survivor 19 to 20, he though he won Samoa so he is pretty much cocky here haha, love it. He is good TV but I hope the focus will not be solely on him.

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