Saturday, September 05, 2009


Yes, today I turn TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD. Sometimes, the feeling is so surreal that I'm in this stage of my life already. It's a bit scary let me tell you because I feel that whatever I decide to do in my life now will hugely affect my life in the long run. There was even a time that I felt that I'm having an early quarter life crisis already haha. Anyway, I always treated my birthday as an ordinary day. I attended the morning mass (around 5:45 am, I like to attend masses that early, I feel more concentrated and I love it that there are only a few people), I treated my family by buying pancit and cake. I never had birthday parties or bashes. A simple meal with my family is fine by me. I like it that way. But you know what I received a lot of birthday greetings from facebook, twitter, multiply, friendster, Pinoyexchange, ATRL and text messages. Those messages made my day. I especially appreciate the greetings that came from people who I rarely see or talk in person anymore. It's always a great feeling when people remember your birthday. Thank you God for all the blessings I received all year long. If you ask me what is my birthday wish, as always, I wish that my family will be always be away from harm or any threatening disease.

So there, I'm 22. For the 1000th time TIME FLIES. Haha.

"Bad news is time flies but the good news is you're the pilot"


Wanderful said...

belated happy birthday kuya jec! :) good luck po sa buhay buhay. :) aja!

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks Reamel :)