Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Third First Day

Today , I had my first day at work as writer for dubbing at Beginning at 20 Plus, Inc. Like my first two "first day at work" experiences, I basically did nothing today but orientation and briefing. I like the office although our work area is a bit crowded. And they have six (or was it eight?) recording studios! I even watched one of the sound technicians do his work, the software and computer he is using is so high-tech! I also read some of the finished scripts and it was really a good feeling to see that writing format...something I was already familiar with because I encountered it in college! The writing department is actually a small group there are only three in-house dubbing writers (there are two freelancers they told me) and our creative manager. I replaced one of the two writers who resigned. I like it that my co-workers were honest to me as they said what to expect from the job with no sugar coating at all but they said it in a way that did not discouraged me. They told me that there are dubbers who complain and diss what they perceive as poorly written scripts. I admit, I felt bit nervous upon hearing that but then again my excitement still prevailed haha. I really like the nature of the job! Basically, I will just rewrite a rough translation of the script of foreign TV show to sync with its dubbing. The job is not as easy it sounds though, a 45-minute episode is actually being worked on for three to five days! For my first task, I will work on five-minutes worth of airtime of a Colombian telenovela for tomorrow and on Friday. I'm excited and happy that I will be doing something I'm highly interested with and hopefully I'll excel here in the long run.

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