Monday, December 08, 2008

Last Day

Today is my last at day at work since my contract expires tomorrow and I opted not to renew. I do have two pending job applications where I was already interviewed but no one has given me a job offer so yes tomorrow, it will be back to bumhood for me. It sucks but if was my decision not to renew thus taking the risk of going back to being unemployed. The optimistic side of me tells that one of the companies (or probably both) will call me for a job offer next month since it is not really practical to hire new people during the holidays. I have to be patient. For now I will escape through reading my half read and unread books and watching VCDs and DVDS. And of course Internet surfing (hoping no more Internet trouble please)
I will really miss Fireball Planet, the people I worked with were really nice. Just sad that it did not really work for me.
So yeah my life after college is really disappointing so far. Hoping for a better year ahead.

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