Saturday, February 04, 2012


Today my blog turns 7! Woot! Up to now I'm amazed that somehow I managed to keep this blog alive especially that this blog started when I was just exploring the world wide web for the first time. Yes, I only became "Internet literate" in 2004 when I entered c0llege and Blogger is one of the first sites I experimented with. This blog is so different now when it first started and as you can see in "About Forg Files" on the right side, my blog is now a hodgepodge of personal stories and pop culture posts but this will always be personal. Friendster, Multiply, Plurk, Twitter and Facebook came and go but I still stuck with this. Once again thank you to my readers for visiting my blog :) Anyway, to celebrate my blog's 7th anniversary let me dish out 7 notable blog entries:

1. Dreams, frustrations, inhibitions, decisions..... (February 4, 2005)

My very first blog entry and this is where I opined some issues I had as a college freshman. Reading it (and the comment I received) makes me smile.

2. Things I Learned from My Subic trip (May 5, 2005)

This blog entry was special because the Bianca Gonzales posted a comment! Well, this was her pre-PBB days and back then she would reply to all the bloggers who comments on her site. You don't know much "kilig" I felt on that day.

3. Reasons why stereotypically I'm not a man (January 7, 2006)

This is where I list down the reasons why some people thought that I was gay. And you know what reading that blog entry again made me smile because some of those "man stereotypes" that I don't have I actually found in some gay men I know so yeah never stereotype guys ;) And well except for #9, I still have those "unmanly" qualities. Well thinking about it #4 does not exactly apply to me anymore but I never go that far and I'm still polite :D

4. The Biggest Challenge (April 2007)

This is where I shared how I felt when it was announced that I would be the Editor in Chief of Heraldo Filipino Team 22. If you check out my very first blog entry, who would have thought that day would ever happen at all. Definitely it was one of the happiest days of my life.

5. Saddest Birthday (September 2007)

I celebrated my 20th birthday a few days after my beloved grandmother Mama Iyang passed away. Whenever I remember that day it still makes me sad.

6. Maintain This Frequency! (March 2008)

This post actually talked about the resurrection of Campus Radio via Campus FM 99.5 (which lasted for 5 months unfortunately). This blog entry is special because I also talked about my "renewed" love for radio that led me to start the Philippine Music Charts Thread which as you may notice became the bread and butter of this blog :D

7. The Third First Day (July 2, 2009)

This refers to my first day of job for the third time haha! And well I'm really glad that after two short-lived failures jobs, I finally landed one that suits me and I'm still here two and a half years later! This job ain't perfect and I do have some issues but I learned a lot from here and I'm very thankful that God led me to this job. I don't know what the future holds for me but for now I'm holding on because well I can see a future so let's wait and see...


Let me also share my seven most viewed blog entries based on Blogger Statistics and it's no surprise that 6 out 7 are all about charts! Although it should be noted that Blogger Statistics coverage started on May 2009 only so my posts before that are not counted. I'm surprised though that my most viewed post is a movie review! I guess thank you to the Mara Clara, Kathryn Bernardo, and Julia Montes fans :D

1. Review: Way Back Home [August 21, 2011]
2. Billboard Hot 100 (Issue Date: September 11, 2010) [September 23, 2010]
3. Swift Leads Billboard 200, Eminem Soars Back to #2 [January 6, 2011]
4. Chart Recap 104 (Philippine Music Charts) [July 26, 2010]
5. Chart Recap 101 (Philippine Music Charts) [July 5, 2010]
6. Chart Recap 108 (Philippine Music Charts) [August 4, 2010]
7. Chart Recap 107 (Philippine Music Charts) [August 6, 2010]


Ayeen said...

Did you really maintain just one blog for seven years? Whew that's tough. I've made countless of blog sites na ever since I started blogging in 2005. Hahaha! (Obviously my site in your blog roll's still the old one.)

Anyway, congrats Jecoup! I've yet to read a lot of your entries. But I'm happy for you! Keep it up.

- Ayeen

forg/jecoup said...

Yes, just one although nagba-blog din ako sa multiply dati pero napagsabay ko sila haha

Will update my blog link

Thanks for dropping by :)