Sunday, February 12, 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston

When I saw this on Twitter earlier I thought this one of those lame, hoax RIP tweets that manages to get in the trending topics (like R.I.P Cher and R.I.P Adele) but unfortunately Whitney Houston's publicist confirmed her death to the Associated Press. There's no news yet what's the cause of her death but many are speculating that it could be substance abuse. It's really sad that the journey of one of the biggest pop icon ended this way. It's sad that she became a cautionary tale and because of her personal troubles many people have forgotten how great she was until now that she has passed away. Tomorrow is the GRAMMY Awards and I'm sure there will be tribute. R.I.P Whitney Houston. The song below is a personal favorite of mine ever since I was a child "The Greatest Love of All".

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