Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spotlight: The Artist

The French homage to black and white silent movies has become the unlikely Oscar frontrunner. Who would have thought that a small, foreign black and white silent movie will be the one to beat, right? The movie is already getting flack because well backlashes comes with the territory when your are expected to dominate the awards show. Say what you will about Harvey Weinstein but he really has an eye for films that will be well received by the Academy.

I don't know if this movie will ever screen here in the Philippines. Well maybe if it really wins Best Picture, we would get it here albeit late like The King's Speech, No Country for Old Men and Slumdog Millionaire which were all shown here months after their Oscar wins. All those movies are niche and tough sells to the mainstream audience so it's no surprise they were shown late and on limited screens as well. I will not deny though that I will try to see this movie through other means because I'm really curious why this movie won the hearts of many film aficionados out there. This particular scene posted below won me already (or maybe I'm just a sucker for dancing) so I hope the movie is as captivating as this scene is.

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