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My 69th Golden Globe Awards Predictions [Part 2]

Yesterday I dished out my predictions for the TV categories
at the 69th Golden Globe Awards so today it's time for the movie categories. The 69th Golden Globe Awards will air in the Philippines on Monday, January 16, 9 am via Star World.

Best Motion Picture (Drama)
“The Descendants”
“The Help”
“The Ides of March”
“War Horse”

Winner: The Descendants
Close Second: The Help
Wildcard: The Ides of March

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) showered George Clooney a lot of love in this year's awards so it's a safe bet that his film will take the top prize. The Help could be a potential spoiler because it's a box office smash that's also critically acclaimed, something HFPA might find too irresistible to ignore. I placed The Ides of March as wildcard because well it was already surprising it got so many nominations in the first place so a win might not be improbable as well.

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Drama)
George Clooney – “The Descendants”
Leonardo DiCaprio – “J. Edgar”
Michael Fassbender – “Shame”
Ryan Gosling – “The Ides of March”
Brad Pitt – “Moneyball”

Winner: George Clooney – “The Descendants”
Close Second: Brad Pitt – “Moneyball”
Wildcard: Ryan Gosling – “The Ides of March”

I think it will be close fight between buddies Clooney and Pitt but I give Clooney the edge because the HFPA clearly loves him. Gosling had a great year so we shouldn't count his chance to win in case the votes split between Clooney and Pitt, he could be the beneficiary.

Best Actress in a Leading Role (Drama)

Glenn Close – “Albert Nobbs”
Viola Davis – “The Help”
Rooney Mara – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
Meryl Streep – “The Iron Lady”
Tilda Swinton – “We Need to Talk About Kevin

Winner: Viola Davis – “The Help”
Close Second: Meryl Streep – “The Iron Lady”
Wildcard: Rooney Mara – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo””

Davis vs Streep here and could be close but I think Davis has the edge here and she seemed poised to win the Oscar as well. Mara can probably pull a shocker as well especially that this edgy kind of role could appeal to the HFPA's tendency to honor offbeat performances to make a statement.

Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy)
“The Artist”
“Midnight in Paris”
“My Week with Marilyn”

Winner: “The Artist”
Close Second: “Bridesmaids”
Wildcard: “Midnight in Paris”

The Artist is dominating the critics awards and the frontrunner for the Oscar so the HFPA will likely follow suit. Bridesmaids could have won this easily if The Artist didn't explode in the awards circuit but there's a possibility of a win still since they rewarded The Hangover this award a couple of years ago and Bridesmaids is actually a potential player for an Oscar nod which The Hangover never was. Midnight in Paris despite being released early is gaining momentum again and this could benefit if Bridesmaids and The Artist split votes.

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Musical or Comedy)
Jean Dujardin – “The Artist”
Brendan Gleeson – “The Guard”
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – “50/50″
Ryan Gosling – “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
Owen Wilson – “Midnight in Paris”

Winner: Jean Dujardin – “The Artist”
Close Second: Ryan Gosling – “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
Wildcard: Joseph Gordon-Levitt – “50/50″

Dujardin charmed the audiences in The Artist and a lock for an Oscar nod. He is considered behind Clooney and Pitt for the Oscar race for Lead Actor and without those two guys here , he is far ahead of its competitors for the award. But then again HFPA could still pull surprises and recognize Gosling here especially how his hollywood profile have risen the past year. Gordon-Levitt is a potential upset especially with a well-received performance and had the charisma that could sweep the voters feet off.

Best Actress in a Leading Role (Musical or Comedy)
Jodie Foster – “Carnage”
Charlize Theron – “Young Adult”
Kristen Wiig – “Bridesmaids”
Michelle Williams – “My Week with Marilyn”
Kate Winslet – “Carnage”

Winner: Michelle Williams – “My Week with Marilyn”
Close Second: Kristen Wiig – “Bridesmaids”
Wildcard: Charlize Theron - "Young Adult"

Williams is the only viable Oscar contender here and has already won a lot of critic awards so this should be an easy win for her. But this is really category fraud because My Week with Marilyn isn't exactly a musical but oh well this are HFPA's rules. Wiig is my close second pick because she really delivered her A-game in Bridesmaids and if they really won't be bias with comedy, this is worthy performance to award. I don't think Charlize Theron has a shot to win given the lukewarm box office and awards race performance so far but it was a well reviewed performance and if there would be an upset, she could be it as I don't see any of the Carnage chicks a viable contender for the award

Best Director – Motion Picture
Woody Allen – “Midnight in Paris”
George Clooney – “The Ides of March”
Michel Hazanavicius – “The Artist”
Alexander Payne – “The Descendants”
Martin Scorsese – “Hugo”

Winner: Michel Hazanavicius – “The Artist”
Close Second: Alexander Payne – “The Descendants”
Wildcard: George Clooney – “The Ides of March”

It will be between The Descendants and The Artist and I give the edge to the latter because of its Oscar frontrunner status. I picked Clooney as wildcard because well as I've mentioned earlier the HFPA loves this guy

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
“The Artist”
“The Descendants”
“The Ides of March”
“Midnight in Paris”

Winner: Michel Hazanavicius – “The Artist”
Close Second: Alexander Payne – “The Descendants”
Wildcard: George Clooney – “The Ides of March”

Same situation with Best Director

Best Animated Feature
The Adventures of Tintin
Arthur Christmas
Cars 2
Puss in Boots

Winner: Rango
Close Second: The Adventures of TinTin
Wildcard: Arthur Christmas

Rango is dominating the awards race so far and should take the Globe as well on its journey to the Oscar. If the HFPA would want to throw Spielberg a bone since War Horse is not a viable contender they might reward him for TinTin instead. Arthur Christmas comes from a respected animation unit and if HFPA would want to feel adventurous and unique they would for this

Best Original Score
Ludovic Bource – “The Artist”
Abel Korzeniowski – “W.E”
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
Howard Shore – “Hugo”
John Williams – “War Horse”

Winner: Ludovic Bource – “The Artist”
Close Second: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
Wildcard: Howard Shore – “Hugo”

Picking The Artist yet again because of its frontrunner status but never count on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” given the talent they have. Hugo has been considered 3rd in line after The Artist and The Descendants in the Oscar race so if HFPA would want to give this at least an award , this is the only place to do it.

Best Original Song
“Lay Your Head Down,” Albert Nobbs
“Hello Hello,” Gnomeo and Juliet
“The Living Proof,” The Help
“The Keeper,” Machine Gun Preacher
“Masterpiece,” W.E.

Winner: “Masterpiece,” W.E.
Close Second: “Lay Your Head Down,” Albert Nobbs
Wildcard: “The Living Proof,” The Help

First of all, such a shame they ignored Life's a Happy Song from The Muppets was ignored here! Masterpiece will likely this win because of Madonna's star power. Glenn Close has no shot to win best actress but the HFPA could give her a consolation via the song she wrote for the movie.

Best Foreign Language Film
The Flowers of War
In The Land of Blood and Honey
The Kid WIth The Bike
A Separation
The Skin I Live In

Winner: In The Land of Blood and Honey
Close Second: A Separation
Wildcard: The Flowers of War

I know Iran's A Separation is the frontrunner and has been winning a lot of awards already but i I could see In The Land of Blood and Honey pulling an upset. Yes, one of the reasons is because it's directed by Angelina Jolie but the film is actually well-received and since this not eligible for the Oscar, the HFPA might want to honor her to gain buzz. If they want to be adventurous, the voters could also go for China's The Flowers of War which stars Christian Bale.

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