Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meeting Chico and Delamar

So yesterday I was at the The Best of Chico & Delamar's Morning Rush Top 10 Book Launch at Robinsons Galleria and wow it was an experience I will never forget. It's my first time to line up for any celebrity signing session ever! But it was all worth it. Been listening to Chico and Delamar since 2000 when they moved to the now-defunct 93.9 KC FM although I already heard about them way before but I was more of a fan of 93.9 WKC/KC FM when I was a child so didn't listen to them. Anyway, when KC FM folded up in 2002 I remembered I cried was teary eyed when Chico and Delamar said their goodbyes but then a couple weeks later they went back to RX 93.1 and stayed there ever since. I just love this tandem, they're fun to listen to after all these years. When I heard that they were going to have a book signing I said to myself that I should never miss this opportunity to finally meet them.

I arrived at Robinson's Galleria around 11 am and when I went to the activity center no one was there yet save for the people setting up the stage so I decide to stroll in the mall (it's only my second time there so I'm not familiar with it) and when I returned around 11:45 am, a lot of people were already there but still I was able to find a seat. When I was already comfortable sitting, they announced the registration for the book signing is ready and people rushed to be the first one in line so I ended up #86 which is OK because at least I got seat saved anyway. The hardcore rushers were hanging out near where I sat and I was actually busy reading their code names printed at the back of their customized book launch shirts. Around 12:15 pm DJ Gino arrived and the girls started squealing and flocked him immediately. I also saw Louie D of The Daily Survey and Countdown Top 7! Chico and Delamar arrived 15 minutes before 1 pm and wow the cheers were loud. I could see in their eyes that they were so happy with the huge turnout. During the event proper, it was really funny when they were reading out excerpts from the book and Chico says "basa!" ala Bubble Gang's Dating Doon segment before. Chico couldn't help but oblige when people started telling to do his "call center guy!"and "Jackie Tyanak" personas. Delamar was funny as well when she pointed that she made a joke but only one noticed it at all haha. The hardcore rushers kept on chanting "ODH!" as well for one of the most popular rusher Oscar Delahopia (who I also got to chance to meet). As Chico joked "Fans day eto ni ODH hindi book signing"

When it was my turn for the book signing, I was flattered when Chico said to me "Oh ikaw pala si Forg!" and then he announced on the stage "We also have here one of our regulars Forg, so nice to finally meet you" and I was touched because they did that to two earlier rushers who they met for the first time but those were really active Rushers and have entries on the book while I don't participate everyday so I wasn't expecting that they were familiar with my codename. I left around 3 pm and the lines were still long. I heard Chico and Delamar finished signing the books past 6 pm! Congratulations Chico & Delamar! You deserved all the love and success :)

As for me the long wait to finally meet them was definitely worth it. :)

Anyway, here's a picture of my signed book:

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George said...

It's sweet when personalities really acknowledge their true fans (the ones who've been posting over the years). They are such a classic tandem on Philippine radio. Congrats Jecoup!